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He’ll Call…Maybe He’s Out of Town

He’s just not that into you; something a person never wants to hear when they have feelings for that certain person. Your friend says “But he said he’ll call”, they say, “We’ve emailed each other a couple times…” All of … Continue reading

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Are Apple Products Worth It?

It’s interesting how information reaches people. A lot of the time, we see that something significant isn’t brought to light unless something big happens. An example of this was in China in 2010. Foxconn, the company that puts together a … Continue reading

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“Come Fly With Me…”

Recently I took a trip down to Alabama, and this trip included flying. I personally love to people watch, and knowing that there was a layover in Detroit for an hour there, and a two hour layover in Atlanta, I … Continue reading

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“Momma Always Said…”

The movie Forrest Gump reached a vast amount of people; according to The New York Time the movie sold over $660 million dollars in movie tickets. So with this said, one could definitely say that a lot of people are … Continue reading

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A Little Bit About Me

Hello all! My name is Hillary Bourke and I am currently a senior at Longwood University majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in Organizational Communication and Public Relations. After it is all said and done and I graduate, I’d … Continue reading

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Hey! What About Me?

Ann Hopkins was a well qualified manager at her accounting firm. She had worked at Price Waterhouse’s Office of Government Services for five bringing in more accounts than any of her work associates; she even went as far as to … Continue reading

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“The nun who kissed Elvis”

Upon reading through the news, I came over a very interesting article from It was about an old famous actress named Dolores Hart. She was once envied by many girls in the 50’s because she got the opportunity to … Continue reading

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All Girls Are Weak

Meet Anna Watson. She is a junior at the University of George, an exercise and sports medicine major, and an avid church member. One could say Anna is strong; she is able to bench press 155 lbs., squat 255 lbs., … Continue reading

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Wait You’re From Where?

My name is Hillary Bourke and when I tell people where I’m from and the school I go to, people usually laugh with a remark like “Is that a real place?”, “That’s actually the real name?”, “I thought that was … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Lancers!

What are you looking for in a school? Would it be having a meaningful relationship with your professor? How about having 182 different clubs and organizations to become apart of to not only make an impact on you, but on … Continue reading

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