Are Apple Products Worth It?

It’s interesting how information reaches people. A lot of the time, we see that something significant isn’t brought to light unless something big happens. An example of this was in China in 2010. Foxconn, the company that puts together a lot of Apple products, had 18 attempted suicides with fourteen actual deaths. These deaths happened because employees were protesting the horrible working conditions the Foxconn employees had to deal with including poor housing, heavy workloads, and unsafe working environments.

Now let’s compare this to America: we have organizations such as labor unions that help protect workers here in the US from situations like what the Foxconn employees had to go through. If a company was caught treating their employees like Foxconn was in the US, it would be shut down immediately.

Another problem with this situation is that the only reason people knew about these conditions is because people had to either actually commit suicide or threatens to. That’s the only reason attention was drawn to the working conditions. If these employees hadn’t have protested these working conditions (and in such a drastic way), no one outside the company may know about the them. Thankfully, because so much attnetion has been drawn to the company after the protesting, Foxconn has slowly worked on their conditions within the company.

My question is why is it that the employees had to be so drastic in their protest to get attention? Why was it so difficult for the employees to get attention on this? And why hadn’t the word spread about the conditions without employees having to threaten to commit suicide? And finally, did Apple sales go down after an event like this surfaced world wide?

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