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Hello all! My name is Hillary Bourke and I am currently a senior at Longwood University majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in Organizational Communication and Public Relations. After it is all said and done and I graduate, I’d like to enter the public relations field. I want to work for a public relations firm; however, any job in this economy would be nice! I was born and raised in the oh-so-famous Orange County Virginia. If you’re thinking to yourself, “where in the world is that?” don’t feel bad it’s not exactly a metropolis but it’s what I call home. I am entering my third year as an active sister of Sigma Kappa here on campus. My sorority has shaped me into the person I am today and I am very thankful for having this experience in my life.

I have many different experiences in the communication field thanks to Longwood University. The first area that helped me gain knowledge is the Communication Studies department. All of my communication classes will help me in the future. I have improved my public speaking, learned how to create press releases, media contact lists, and how to perform media scans; and that’s just a fraction of everything I’ve learned. This summer I worked for the Conferences and Scheduling office as the Quality Control Coordinator. This was a great experience because I was able to work with conference guests constantly, worked on my team work and multi-tasking abilities, and helped me become a better leader. As previously stated, I am an active sister of Sigma Kappa. During my time in my chapter, I have help two positions so far: Continuing Membership Chair and Ritual Chair. As Continuing Membership Chair, I have been gain experience in event planning. I was in charge of informal recruitment which means I planned the open houses to recruit potential new members for our chapter. It was challenging, however very rewarding when everything would come together. My next position, Ritual Chair has been different. I have had to organize ceremonies for 60 plus sisters to attend. Along with, I have to make sure I am following a certain criteria with each ceremony. (It’s similar to using a rubric for a blog or project) This can be challenging, however, it has made me appreciate my organization even more.


With all my experiences in class, my internship, and Sigma Kappa, I have been able to improve my communication skills. I can’t wait to enter the public relations field when I graduate because I am fascinated by the communication field.

“Experience is a tough teacher because she gives her test first, then her lessons.”

-Vernon Law


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