Communication Studies Internship: Journal 6

What 2 communication theories have you witnessed during your internship?

  • Framing
  • Agenda Setting

Explain the theories and explain your observations:
My internship has allowed me to come across various situations that bring in communication theories. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed in terms of applying theories during my time as an intern with the department is making sure my message is suitable to the audiences that I am trying to reach. This concept is framing and the framing of messages is something that has been extremely relevant during my time interning. Framing has been a large part of my blogging experiences and also more relevant now as I have started to tweet for the department about The Real COMM competition. For every blog post I have written and posted to the Communication Studies site I have always had to keep in mind that there are various audiences that need to be considered, from prospective students, current students, to alumni. Now, as I begin to tweet The Real COMM event, I know that I have to frame my tweets and my message towards current students that will create a buzz and get them involved in the event.

Agenda Setting:
Agenda Setting as a theory is something that has come in to play a lot during my internship. Not in the sense of being an actual media source myself but still in terms of displaying the message that the organization wants to send out and being in control of what the organization wants its audience to see. Agenda setting has come in to play through my blogging and tweeting for the department as my control of the department’s social media means I control what I want our audience to see. Agenda setting is a valuable theory when considering what you post for an organization and what the organization represents itself.

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