What have you learned since your last journal entry?

  • Since my last post I’ve been working a lot on organising an event. The event planning process is a very long and intricate one, which is forcing me to stay on top of various elements at one time. Having said that, I have learned a lot about organisation and what it takes to effectively put on an event. The Real COMM event has helped me learn how to generate content and use my ideas in relation to a specific audience. In the upcoming weeks I will be getting hands on with Photoshop and more experience with InDesign as I begin to prepare posters and other relevant promotional tools. The event planning process has also taught me a lot about the various components and people that are necessary to put on a simple event.

What challenges have you faced?

  • A lot of things I’ve come across this semester have been challenging in terms of new experiences and adding new skills to my repertoire. While most of what I have done so far involve organisation and content generation, which I am good at, they have been in a context that is unusual to me. Coming up with good ideas for an event that has to cater to a different audience has been challenging in comparison to composing blog posts for a general audience. One of the biggest challenges I will face, is going to be Photoshop and InDesign because I haven’t used the software for a while. It is going to be difficult to get back in to the rhythm and use them effectively.

How are these experiences helping you seek a future career?

  • As most experiences during my internship, these experiences will help me because they all add a new set of skills. I have majorly improved my writing and being able to add the Real COMM event along with Photoshop proficiency

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