Communication Studies Internship: Journal 3

  • What have you learned since your last journal entry?
    • Since my last journal entry I’ve learned a lot about the event planning process. There are a lot of difficulties that come with generating creative ideas as well as the need to satisfy both parties involved. Being the middleman for both the organisation and the client is a tough role to play, especially when you begin to factor in the people that you want to attend the event and putting on activities that will draw them to the event and also donate.
  • What challenges have you faced?
    • The biggest challenge I’ve faced is the ability to juggle different groups of people and keeping them in line. In regards to the Real COMM event, it was also challenging to come up with fun activities that students and professors could participate in. The fundraising side of the event is important so being able to come up with games that students would be interested in donating money too was difficult. Fortunately, Habitat for Humanity was on board with a lot of the ideas and they were very satisfied with the fundraising side and also the opportunity to raise awareness for their organisation.
  • How are these experiences helping you seek a future career?
    • Being able to add skills to my resume is always beneficial and event planning is something I have never done before. Having this as a skill is definitely going be great for me as I look for a future career. Even if I am not the best event planner in the world, being able to step in and help is a valuable asset. Despite the fact that I don’t want to go in to event planning, the fact that I do have some experience in it, will look good for me as a well rounded individual in the Communication Studies field.

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