Communication Studies Internship: Journal 2

  • What have you learned since the start of your internship?
    • I have learned a lot since the start of my internship, most of my biggest learning experiences have come in refining my writing. Writing numerous blog posts and having my writing critiqued by Dr. Hosterman has helped me to focus in on the important aspects of a piece and cut the fluff side of my writing out. I have also developed a lot of interpersonal skills and grown in the way that I converse and attain information from others. This has come through a lot of interacting with a variety of different people and interviewing people for my posts.
  • What challenges have you faced?
    • I don’t think I have come across anything in the internship that has been overly challenging or something that I wasn’t going to be expecting. While the time keeping and organizational aspect of integrating the internship hours in to my schedule has been a factor, nothing has majorly challenged me, which may be a testament to how well prepared I was going in to this opportunity. One thing I did struggle with last semester was getting a solid amount of internship hours done, which I think will be less of an issue this semester mainly due to my commitments towards the RealCOMM event in April.
  • How are these experiences helping you seek a future career?
    • The experiences I am going through in this internship are really helping me grow as a person and giving me a lot of extra training to hone my skills and improve in areas I may be weak in, such as interviewing and content creation. The extra work and constant blogging and activity is an opportunity I get to practice my craft and find my own voice/style. The experiences have really helped me realise what I want to do with my career, which I hope will stay in the Public Relations field. Whether it is web content, copywriting, or working with clients, I feel prepared to do so after my experiences in this internship.


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