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An Introduction to Me

My Men’s Soccer Headshot

As written above in bold you’ll see that I’m Daena Bodie. I’m a Junior here at Longwood and I am studying Communication Studies, Public Relations and Organizational Communication. I am also a member of theĀ Longwood University Men’s Soccer team and I aspire to play professional soccer one day.

I have an extremely diverse background that begins with my childhood and where I was born. The Bahamas is where I lived until I was nine before my family decided to relocate to the United Kingdom. After that, I found myself trying to pursue my dream of playing professional soccer, which has subsequently lead me here amongst the Longwood COMMunity.

Throughout my time here at Longwood, especially within the Communications Studies major and the Men’s Soccer team, I have developed a lot of skills that vary from being able to use design software, to report and interview people, to lead, to listen, and to work well in a group.

By taking a Media Design class last Spring I pushed my limits and developed a strong eye for what is used in design and what is effective in design, which would then enable me to use the necessary software to create appealing pieces.

While at Longwood, this design class isn’t the only class in which I have picked up important skills and knowledge. I have taken a multitude of communication classes that have all helped give me a deeper understanding of the communications process.

I took an Interpersonal Communications class over the summer that gave me a deeper look at how people communicate and what kind of verbal & nonverbal signs can be portrayed and understood. Last semester I also took and Applied Organizational Communications class that involved a lot of interaction with a local organization in order to help them meet and improve select goals. That class taught me a lot about Public Relations and how to work within an organization and the surrounding audiences.

I haven’t come across too many vital roles in my personal, academic, or professional life. Through soccer I have always been a solid team player and a great fit in group situations. Having been in a variety of different teams and around a lot of different cultures I have learnt to not only communicate well with others but also with other cultures.

After graduation I have no plans as far as academics go. I have always played soccer and always loved it so my main goal after graduation would be to pursue that dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

I have never really planned for anything but pursuing that dream. So, while I value the opportunity I have to get a degree my main goal is soccer. If that fails then I would love to stay involved in sports in some way, which is why I think this Organizational Communication class is going to be extremely helpful because it will open up options and views on what my other possibilities can be when trying to stay involved in soccer organizations or other sporting organizations.