Blog 5: Questions

  1. What would be a good way to ask about concerns you have about the school? I.E. You hear that their technology is highly outdated, how would you bring this up without offending the interviewer?
  2. Are there any massive red flags that an interviewer can give? Such as not even having your paperwork ready when you enter the room.
  3. Is it a good or bad sign if the school hires an outside company to handle hiring?
  4. Would mating your tie to the school’s colors be helpful or seem a tad too desperate?
  5. About how early should you show up for an interview?
  6. If asked a question addressed in your application should you say it was answered in your paperwork?
  7. Should I talk to other departments before being interviewed?
  8. Should I try to mention books I have read?
  9. How personal should I get?
  10. How many questions are too many questions?