First things first: An example of my classroom rules and what I would send home to parents.

The basis of my classroom rules:

For students:

1: Do not be a jerk. (A classic catch-all rule. Pretty much anything a student can do that would be considered disruptive would be covered by this rule. Also covers me.)
2: If you have a question about what you are doing ask that question. (This encourages students to ask questions about what they are doing to help comprehension.)

For me:

1: Do not assign unnecessary work. (This helps assure students that all work given is meaningful.)
2: Punishments will not be given to the whole class unless the whole class participated. (This prevents situations where a teacher would do things like give extra homework for one student misbehaving.)

And the Email for the parents or guardians:

Dear parent or guardian:

I am excited to be teaching your young adult in my class this coming school year. While I do not yet know them personally I can only be excited when looking forward to the coming classes. It is my belief that every student has the opportunity to gain something out of an English class regardless of their future path.

Now, on the matter of you and me. I will respond far faster to Email than texts or calls, and will often check it during the day between classes. Every day after school and again before I go to bed I will make a point to sit down and respond to every Email I receive in the order I get them. While it may take a bit to reply I will respond as soon as I can. If you wish to call me do so after school hours until 7 P.M, but a prompt reply is not guaranteed.

Together we can make sure that your young adult gets the most out of my class, wherever they may be going in life.

Daniel Beecher

Cell: 703-943-9121


2 thoughts on “First things first: An example of my classroom rules and what I would send home to parents.

  1. Celeste Raub

    I do like that your rules are simple, but I would suggest that instead of using the work jerk to make it sound a little more adult like. When I first saw the word jerk I cringed a little. Maybe put that your students are to show respect? This way you are still covered under the do not be a jerk concept. I do like your email home to the parents because it is brief, yet it covers all the topics that you need with the parents.

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