My name is Garrett Badgley, and I am a Longwood English Major, with a Concentration in Rhetoric and Professional writing. This ePortfolio will include a sample of my work derived from a course I have taken on Technical Writing, which focuses on writing in and for the workplace. The writing will include a proposal arguing the necessity of a guide on procrastination aimed at incoming Longwood Freshmen, which was also developed and included in this portfolio, as well its Usability Report, and a White Paper focusing on economic disparity in Kenya and possible measures to be taken from a bottom-up economics standpoint in order to alleviate such extreme poverty.

English 319 (Technical Writing) objectives:

  • Recognize and analyze effective (and ineffective) technical communication;
  • Create documents that clearly convey complex, technical information for targeted audiences and demonstrate effective rhetorical use of visual and verbal elements;
  • Practice oral communication skills through informal and formal presentations;
  • Develop strategies for successful collaboration and to analyze the effectiveness of strategies when applied to collaborative interactions;
  • Participate productively in class activities, presentations, and discussions.

Though I’ve always done extremely well in the classroom in terms of active participation and contribution, this course has taken me from a writer with experience solely with literary and academic writing, to a writer who understands technical writing as an industry, discourse, and communication. I now feel confident, as a result of the assignments that forced us to confront differing technical writing concepts, that I can take even the most convoluted information and break it down- whether for the public or for the sake of readability. The lens through which I see the world of written communication and persuasion around me has completely changed, and I have begun to perceive and become critical of the textual and verbal information presented to us on a daily basis

I am interested in a career that allows me to positively impact the world around me, and would like to utilize my skills as a writer to do so, possibly working as a grant writer for non-profits for example. I am a perfectionist that will not rest until I feel that my work is as good as it can be. I excel in adjusting and adapting to new environments. I think broadly, make connections, and have excellent problem solving and reasoning skills. I am a friendly and personable worker that gets along with everyone, and revel in the opportunity to work with teams.

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