Consumerism in America

Over the years, advertising has been an effective means of selling products and promoting new services. However, many people argue that its successes have brainwashed consumers into spending money on items that they do not need nor truly want. As I wrote about in my last post, many people also believe that advertising does not effectively sell products it simply persuades the population.

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Consumerism in America

states: on a daily basis, people voluntarily hand over their sovereignty as Americans citizens in exchange for things and conveniences. The process of consumerism came in to effect slowly through the growing availability of consumer credit and debt to purchase things we do not need. As a nation, consumers are over-dependent on laborsaving devices, the absolute necessity of full-time work, the two income household to pay for more, and also the introduction of cheaper goods.

Through these implementations, slowly but surely the American population has grown to the standardization of wanting the next best thing, the latest and greatest.
Advertisements have also caused people to be dissatisfied with what they already have, and make them want more. Consumers, being exposed repeatedly to products that they cannot readily afford, creates a frustration that marketers call a gap between the current state and desired state. The larger the perceived gap between these states, the greater the need. The greater the need, the greater the tendency to engage in a decision process that will result in purchase. This in turn, leads to feelings of inadequacy especially amongst the less well off people in society.

Advertising creates a stream of materialism that causes people to place too much importance on obtaining goods and services. The fact that people are prepared to work long hours, or even turn to crime in order to gain goods, as a result portrays that advertising persuades people to go to great attempts to keep the same standard of living as the people they see around them.

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  1. Amy Hill says:

    I think that advertising has definitely led to an increase in problems in America. It makes everyone feel like they never have enough and that there is always a better product out there. Over the years, America has evolved into an extremely materialistic culture. One major problem with advertising is the fact that it leads people to commit crimes. Advertising may cause people to steal from others or start a bad habit such as excessive drinking or smoking.

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