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Hello all, my name is Amanda Nurmi, sometimes referred to as Nurms. I am a junior working towards my Communication Studies major and Graphic Design minor, at Longwood University. I attended the study abroad trip to Spain this summer, which contributed to my new found love of traveling and I am obsessed with dogs, even though I do not own one.

As a communications major, I feel it is easy to interact well with others, and observe how people communicate with each other. One experience I have had during my studies, which improved my communication abilities, was a group project for my Media Criticism class. I worked in a small group on a presentation that we were expected to give to our class and a liberal studies class. I feel more confident in my presenting and my teamwork capabilities because the project left the classroom and broadened my skill level.

One experience I have had with interpersonal communication is how I learned to address issues with people I care about. When I was younger I used to let people say what they wanted, even if it was hurtful, and I would bottle up my feelings. After a fight with one of my closest friends, I realized I needed to speak up and let people know how I feel, but in a calm and effective manner. I can now successfully have a disagreement with a friend, without it blowing out of proportion. I hope to learn more about how others could react to my approach to disagreements during this Interpersonal Communications course.



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