Time to Grow Up

Up until last year, if someone would ask me what I wanted to study in college or what I wanted to do as a career, I would stare at them like a deer caught in head lights. I never gave it much thought, mostly because I thought I was Peter Pan and never wanted to grow up, but once I began school at Longwood University, I looked into the Communication Studies program and thought to myself “this is something I can do and fall in love with”. Soon after that, I discovered the show “Mad Men” and decided then and there, that advertisement is the career path I want to take on. More specifically, I want to work on the creative side of advertising and produce logos and slogans for various companies.

The main skills I need to become successful in the advertising world are self-confidence, ability to use my imagination, ability to work independently, and of course, and ability to use a wide range of creativity. Longwood’s Communication Studies program is set up so my fellow Comm majors and I can reach the goals and necessary skills we need for our specific career paths. Before I started Comm studies, I was a terribly awkward public speaker and had zero self-confidence, but after my public speaking class, I know how to feel and appear confident in front of an audience, and know how to construct an appropriate, yet interesting speech.

Along with my Communication Studies, I am also working on a Graphic Design minor. I have always had an interest in creating graphics on programs such as Photoshop and Pixelmator. Having the ability to draw and create designs on the computer will be useful for coming up with logos for different companies. My graphic design knowledge will add to my creative side and allow me to work on various projects.  Since I love to work with children, but teaching never interested me, I want to work for a toy company or an ad agency that works with the toy business. I would be able to think like a kid and create spunky and entertaining slogans for the latest and greatest toys.

The Communication Studies program will tech me how to “analyze, interpret, and express physical and social events and behaviors to others” (Longwood University. 2012). To expand my knowledge and experience with advertising, I can join Longwood’s newspaper team and help create the ad pages or assist with recruiting businesses in Farmville to advertise them. I am looking forward to my future and hope one day to make Donald Draper, (Mad Men), proud.










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