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Once again we have an extreme fashion advertisement. This one is definitely known to a lot more people than my last one, but it is still one that you just have to go back and actually look at the picture.

This ad was first published in the fashion magazines in 2007 for the spring and summer issues by Dolce & Gabbana. Ever since then, it has had a lot of attention from the world all over. This ad depicts a woman in black lingerie and stilettos, what looks to be, being held down by a half naked man and several men surrounding her. They are all just looking at her. This advertisement shows an almost sense of a gang rape.

As a young woman, I personally don’t understand what this company was thinking. Women want to feel empowered by fashion and by throwing that into a woman’s face would, I think, make them feel less empowered. “If I wear your, clothes I could be rapped by five dudes.” But than again, the fashion industry lives by this quote, “Sex sells.”

According to the increase of 21% in revenue, I’m going to say they must have done something right. But the public is what matters most in this sense. When NOW (National Organization of Women), saw this ad they quoted it to be, “beyond offensive, with a scene evoking a gang rape and reeking of violence against women.”

Even though the company saw nothing wrong with the ad, calling it artistic, they pulled the ad after pressure from several governments, associations, and of course the public.


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  1. Gabrielle said:

    In my genders and communication class I blogged about this specific advertisement. I agree with everything you have blogged about on this ad. In my genders and comm class we learned about the term Sexualization. This term applies to so many different ads portraying a similar situation like this one. Sexualization is a huge emphasis in our advertising industry. This term explains how ads portray women being dominated by men in the images with violent and abusive connotations. A huge seller in the collaboration of the advertising and fashion industries is portraying women and men in sexualized circumstances. This Dolce and Gabbana ad shows a woman in revealing clothing being restrained by a man. The woman is slender, beautiful, and wearing Dolce and Gabbana. There are four men surrounding her, which is illustrating that she is irresistible and desirable. The female model has her pelvic area thrusting towards the man and her eyes are turned away- she’s not completely distressed nor does she show that she is struggling from the grip of the man. This sends a confusing message. Sexualization in fashion is a common focus for advertising. Why are some sexualized ads given the ‘okay’ to be printed or published when subject content is so violent and questionable? I think there needs to be a stricter regulation on fashion advertising and more actions made in changing the face of fashion.

  2. Monica Newell said:

    While I do agree that the ad is inappropriate, I have to play devil’s advocate for a minute. Do you think that the advertising department at Dolce & Gabbana believed that viewers would be too distracted by the shirtless men with the six-pack abs to fully grasp what is going on in the advertisement?

    As long as women are treated as second class citizens in this country, there will always be advertisements like this.Thank you for showing the truth behind advertisements such as this.

  3. Mary Ciucci said:

    My gender studies class analyzed this ad last year. Like you, and probably every other girl, I find it disgusting. One thing we did with the ads we looked at was analyze them and find a way to turn them around and make women look empowered. This ad was probably the trickiest to do that with, but I wonder, how can we turn negative advertisements into powerful ones? This might be a question to think about for the next ad you blog about. Although we tend to see the negative side of advertisement first, how can we pull a positive look on ads?

  4. Catherine Marrin said:

    I think this ad is beyond inappropriate and I agree with you that it looks like gang rape. The woman is pinned to the ground and by raising her hips as she is makes her look like she is not enjoying it and is trying to get up. Two of the other men just stand there as if they are about to watch and the man in the back looks like he is somewhat of a supervisor. I think this ad is too provocative and very degrading towards women. I just can’t understand why sales would increase for Dolce & Gabbana. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

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