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Hey everyone!


So you are back for more?  Good!  Today, we will shift gears from building and repairing muscle to the necessity of taking a multivitamin.  We’ve all taken them at some point in our lives.  When I was a kid, I was always told to take my Flintstone vitamin before I went to school.  If you do not take them, continue reading and you will soon understand it’s importance in staying healthy.

Whether you are a bodybuilder, athlete, or just an individual who leads an active lifestyle, multivitamins are essential.  When most people think about supplements, they tend to think whey, creatine, and nitric oxide, but multivitamins are much more important.  For the body to function at its highest potential, it must process several different types of vitamins and minerals.  Without such, these vitamin and mineral levels can be depleted which can cause in a drop in metabolic reactions.  Keeping an active and consistent metabolism is all apart of keeping a healthy lifestyle.

All vitamins are organic and are much more complex than minerals.  Vitamins help control the break down and conversion of food to energy and tissue.  C and B vitamins are water soluble while A D E and K are fat soluble.  Vitamin A’s function is to help vision, skin, mucous membranes, bone and tooth growth, and help the immune system.  B complex vitamins are important for nerve function, energy, vision and skin, and the digestive system.  C vitamins help the immune system and helps protect cells in the body.  D vitamins help absorb and use calcium.  E vitamins are powerful antioxidants.  K vitamins help promote bone, teeth and cartilage health.  Zinc helps immune system health.

All minerals are inorganic and are much simpler than vitamins.  There are two different types of minerals; major/macro and trace/micro.  The major minerals require at least 100mg a day while trace minerals only need a “trace” amount to allow the body to function properly.  Because there are so many different minerals, I will list a few with their basic functions.  Calcium helps promote strong and healthy bones.  Iron helps carries oxygen within protein hemoglobin.  Potassium is used by the Autonomic Nervous System that helps the heart and brain function.  Molybdenum helps support normal liver and kidney health.

One last neat thing about multivitamins are that men and women need different kinds.  Men’s multivitamins may contain DHEA, which helps support testosterone levels or saw palmetto, which helps keep a healthy prostate.  Women may have multivitamins that help promote healthy skin, nails, and hair and those that focus on pre-natal.

Hopefully you have survived the lecture on multivitamins and have learned that they should be the first and most important supplement you take during the day to help meet your full potential at being healthy.  Now below are a few sites that allow you find the exact multivitamin that will help you meet your goals.  Good luck and I’ll meet you back here soon with another, hopefully much more exciting, but not more important topic on staying healthy.