All About Supplements

Posted: 27th January 2012 by Travis Adamson in Uncategorized

If you are interested in gaining muscle, getting big, or just staying healthy, you are in the right place.  Whether you are the advanced bodybuilder, just starting, or just looking to get in shape, I’m sure you all have heard and perhaps even tried some form of supplement.  Sure, we have all had our Flintstone vitamin’s growing up, and perhaps still taking some form of morning vitamin, but what about all the others out there that claim to help weight management through powdered meal replacements, and the like?  With the growing number of supplement stores out there today, it is not uncommon to want to be more knowledgeable in what exactly all these different types of supplements do.  Do they work?  Should you take them?  What should you take?  What do they do?  What are their side effects?  All of these are perfectly valid questions if you are truly interested in the use of supplementation to help keep a healthy body.

The last thing I want to do with these blogs is to bore the reader, (you), with boring, meaningless facts about supplements.  You are here to learn about supplements and how they can, or can’t, help your goals of staying healthy, and learning about the nutrients and chemical makeup’s of the supplements and how they affect the body can seem a bit daunting at first.  I will of course do my best to help keep it interesting and not discourage you from experimenting with these supplements and reaching the goals you want.

Of course I am sure there are those of you out there who are thinking, “you don’t need supplements to get healthy or grow muscle or to get big, people have done it for years”.  I do not deny this and I will not argue that you can’t.  The role of supplements is indeed that, to supplement nutrients into the body that may be missing from a diet or are just not being consumed in sufficient amounts.  Going to the gym and working out requires more nutrients to be taken into the body to help it recover and grow, which can be hard to do without the use of supplements, but in no way impossible.

I look forward to writing my first blog for you, and I hope you will find it entertaining, informative, and helpful as you start, or continue your goal of staying healthy.