Adolescent Depression

resized_20161223_235410I am Professor Zaire Tunstall and I am an expertise in the Department of Education. Preparing for my position, I have succeeded in academic rigorous years and completed my Master’s Degree in Education. I would like to think of my leadership to my students as a democratic style. I do seek out my students input as to how they would like to meet the expectations. This way they all participate and everyone reaps the benefits of the outcome. As far as my work, I am a team player and resourceful. The benefits of accessing more ideas benefits us reaching everyone’s mutual goal.

My specialty is working with younger children. I have experience with toddler and after-school aged children. We stimulate their minds with activities and learning games with numbers, words, and computers so it would eventually lead them to thinking outside the box. We encourage the parents and have one-on-ones with them to update their children’s learning abilities so we could keep them on the same page as the school curriculum.


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