You Can Video Chat to Tango with FaceTime

These days mass media technology is rapidly advancing, improving, and transforming culture and our worldwide connection. Communication connections are easily accessible to most of our population through Internet discoveries and inventions. Live video chatting is a mass media form that has evolved in cultures across the globe. Video chatting technology has become a popular option for individuals to contact one another and large groups. Since the invention of video chatting there have been numerous other developments that have extended video chatting capabilities. The population is quickly learning about the benefits that video chatting provides for our communication.

On an interpersonal level live video chatting has become a great resource for reconnecting relationships through technology devices such as Skype, Tango, and FaceTime. According to the Skype website, “you can share a story, celebrate a birthday, learn a language, hold a meeting, work with colleagues- just about anything you need to do together every day.” From my personal findings, this is true. Skype has allowed me to be virtually available when I cannot be physically available. Some of my family lives in Sheffield, England and the distance is a challenge but now we have the technology luxury of Skype. Skype has made our family connect from across countries. Since we have used Skype we have been able to experience gatherings, celebrations, and several (virtual) face-to-face interactions that make us feel emotionally connected when there is physical distance.

Mass media corporations have taken advantage of video chatting software and its new developments. Businesses are able to have video conferencing with other businesses around the world. Video conferencing has enabled and provided more opportunities for negotiations and other important business related aspects. Live video chatting is supplying instant and immediate action within large corporations that need to communicate internationally. Instead of making expensive plans for traveling, missing work, and being away from home we now have Skype as an alternative. Skype and other alike video chat services are helping our cultures easily interact and communicate.

FaceTime, a product of Apple “lets us be in two places as once,” as described on the Apple website. This device is provided as an application on our Apple products designed for mobility. We can directly connect to the person we want to FaceTime with through a Wifi Internet connection. Since our culture is very time oriented and impatient there were further developments made to create Tango for more instantaneous FaceTime interaction. Tango is an application that is like FaceTime but without the need of a Wifi connection. With Tango we are able to chat on the go just about anywhere for FREE! This is an example of how mass media is advancing, improving, and transforming.

Video chatting was once seen as a futuristic phenomenon, is now a social luxury that is improving a wide range of communication in the form of mass media. Mass media has evolved into essential communication that is influencing cultures globally. These devices are no longer a futuristic idea but are now normality in the designs and manufacturing of social communication technology. Mass media affiliated engineers are producing more and more impressive inventions that are easing our social lifestyles. What would you consider as the greatest technology innovation within the past five years related to mass media? Also, how do you categorize this innovation- luxury, necessity, or something of normality? How much further can technology advancements go and where do you think our social communication will be by the end of next year?

By: Gabrielle Lassahn

FaceTime picture from Google Images

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    I think facetime is awsome

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