Assessment with a Purpose: Improving Introductory Statistics at Longwood University by Leigh Lunsford & Phillip Poplin 

Mention the word “assessment” in a crowd of educators and you will hear a collective groan.  We were once among those groaners.  However through a multi-year program of assessment and intervention, we have come to the conclusion that assessment can actually be useful.  In this talk we discuss how we have used assessment with the purpose of improving student success in non-calculus introductory statistics at Longwood University.  Following an action research model, we used assessment results from our first study to inform the implementation of an early intervention program in our second study.  In our original study, conducted during the 2006-2008 academic years, we found several interesting results.  First, students who have poor basic mathematical skills are less likely to succeed in our course.  We also found a significant “professor effect.”  These results led to our second study started in in 2011 and slated for completion in the Spring of 2014.  We will discuss the results from our first study and preliminary results from our second study as well as how we believe assessment can actually be used for a purpose and not be the bane of our existence.

Presentation materials:  Assessment with a purpose

The presenters will respond to questions posted below from February 3-7, 2014.



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